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The activities involved in orienteering require a variety of skills and competences in different domains. That is why CAP Orientation provides training sessions to develop such skills to become more efficient :

Formation à la cartographie

Training for map making

With more than 30 years experience, our training manager will know how to adapt orienteering activities to comply with your level in map making. Whether you are a beginner or occasional map maker, experienced or even a specialist, our expertise will be useful. CAP Orientation uses, or has used, almost all of the techniques used in map making for orienteering.

Formation GPS pour cartographe C.O.

GPS training for Orienteering Course map makers

GPS is a formidable tool and aid for map makers. CAP Orientation, is the market leader in GPS assisted map making and can train you in how to use it, as well as in the techniques for processing the information.

Formation au logiciel Ocad

OCAD software training

The OCAD software is a major tool for map makers: it is regularly updated and is always more comprehensive. Our training course will help you discover and learn how to use the numerous functions as well as its proven and sure map making techniques.

Formation traçage de parcours

Learning how to trace a route

Know how to plan sessions and competitions efficiently with our training sessions concerning the rules for tracing a route and the use of the OCAD course preparation module.

Formation au parcours touristiques

Learn how to create a scenic tourism course

We can train your personnel in ways to improve sales and promotion of your CAP Enigme and CAP Patrimoine projects.

Formation aux outils pédagogiques

Training in the use of educational tools

All educational tools are designed to help participants of all ages and levels to enjoy orienteering. The training presents the organisational side of sessions in a concrete manner, helping to attenuate the apprehensions of activity coordinators and providing several examples of how to use the educational tools.


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