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Educational tools

CAP Orientation's experience in the Orienteering world through a staff made up of retired top level athletes and coaches, as well as the skills and know-how accumulated over 15 years in the educational and training sector, can only assure you of the quality of the services they provide.

Extrait BD Kle'o KLE’O

KLE’O, Treasure Hunt

Kle'o is an educational and recreational orienteering kit, allowing children from 2 to 6 years of age (the first 2 years of primary school) to try out orienteering and become acquainted with the notions of moving in space in a recreational and educational manner.

While looking for images in a play area, your children accompany Kle'o, a little butterfly, in his/her adventures: looking for Kle'o's friends, Kle'o's recipe, learning to count with Kle'o.

Livret pédagogique

The educational suitcase

Contains a teaching notebook for people coordinating the activity as well as orienteering maps for the schoolchildren.

The notebook is a bound document of several pages which present the activity during an "orienteering course" and the different sessions possible at each practise site. Each teaching notebook is specific to each orienteering practise site.

The teaching notebook, does not impose a particular method, but provides induction sessions and skills development in orienteering. It brings together all the elements which must be taken into consideration when preparing, organising and running initiation sessions. A map allows the coordinator to always have the children's orienteering route to hand.

Les parcours individuels

Individual courses

A document destined for individuals: family members, walkers, athletes. It includes advice from specialists concerning orienteering learning stages: the 3 CAP Orientation stages to make your course a success. Made up of 3 parts :

The Orienteering Map: the map must be of a sufficient quality to successfully complete the course with traced routes, different difficulty levels, the legend, the scale, the equidistances and the control card to validate passage at the Control Point.

The CAP Orientation 1-2-3 method: the 3 stages to make a success of the course.

The « information » part resenting the site, providing the contact details of the organisers.

Dossier de perfectionnement

Skills development

The game sheets are for anyone interested in discovering, or helping others discover, the basics of orienteering. Whether you are a teacher, an organiser, a member of an orienteering club or simply a walker, these sheets could be very useful. They show how to read and interpret the symbols on a map, in order to move from one point to another in a natural environment that you are not yet familiar with.

Dossier de perfectionnement exercice

Assessment sheets

Assessment sheets help evaluate the skills and competences of each competitor during their course. They provide a critical view of performance qualities and the acquisition of notions concerning knowledge about orienteering and its technical elements. They can be used at any time during the skills development process: at the beginning to assess the initial level and to programme points to be developed; during the middle of the programme to see if the process is adequate; and at the end to judge the skills acquired.



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