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Planning and organising Permanent Orienteering Courses (POCs)

Since 1999, CAP Orientation has made more than 350 maps, more than 10 000 control point posts, more than 35 tourist routes and more than 500 educational sessions .


Map making and other materials: the indispensable tools needed for a PCO

If you are interested in developing orienteering activities using quality specialised maps and materials, CAP Orientation can provide you with the benefit of its skills and know-how in map making and orienteering materials and products.


CAP Enigme (enigma) and CAP Patrimoine (heritage) : all inclusive tourism formulas

CAP Enigme (enigma) and CAP Patrimoine (heritage) are special, customised products, which CAP Orientation uses to transform parks, town centres, forests and leisure centres into tourist sites which children and adults alike can discover and enjoy.


Educational: for an educational approach to POCs

CAP Orientation's experience in the Orienteering world through a staff made up of retired top level athletes and coaches, as well as the skills and know-how accumulated over 10 years in the teaching and training sector, can only assure you of the quality of the services they provide.



The activities involved in orienteering require a variety of skills and competences in different domains. That is why CAP Orientation provides training sessions to develop such skills to become more efficient.


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